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Who, or what, lives in this house?

Months after the release of It Beats For Her, I am still receiving wonderful comments from people via Steam and Nexus. For instance, here’s a review I stumbled upon today! I have to say, it really warms my heart. IBFH was a difficult project, because it started out as something very, very small, then grew quicker than I had anticipated.

I usually tend to get feedback as often as possible during development. The unexpected growth and change in narrative direction made this hard, though. When I finally got the first round of feedback, it was pretty bad (at least, that’s how I felt). By then, it was difficult to implement changes. IBFH turned out well in the end — it was the second most popular new mod on Steam at one point! — but I felt like I was never fully able to correct all the flaws.

Real talk: I’m trying to break into the game industry — I’ve done some work in the industry, but nothing permanent so far — and it’s very tough. Not many companies (believe they) need a narrative designer, and the competition is grueling regardless. It’s often hard for me to find the motivation I need to keep my head up high and continue working on my projects. Seeing all these positive comments is a true morale booster for me! I’m super happy to see so many people enjoy my work. It’s one of the reasons I started this site: I want to connect with you more. I can’t wait to get Project Ghost out there, and hopefully show you what I can really do!


– Veliremus